Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Toyota Fun-Vii concept car

 Toyota Fun-Vii
The combination of technological side to the automobile world continues to grow and now Toyota revealed a concept car capable of being modified as a simple mobile application. This is the concept of Toyota Fun-Vii, one of the many vehicles on display at the Touota stand in the next Tokyo Motor Show.

The Toyota Fun-Vii has the characteristic to change the contents of its interior and exterior with the same ease as if you download an online application to your phone. This is because the whole body of the Fun-VII can be used as a 'showcase', can change the color and configuration freely. That is, if you want to share their status and do it on any social network is not enough, you can always put the message in your car for all to see.

Toyota Fun-Vii concept car interior

The interior is also customizable to one hundred percent to reflect the mood of the driver, and the navigation system is integrated inside and works according to the augmented reality technology. So that everything is always up to the maximum, the Toyota offers a function to automatically update network, always looking for the latest news to help in management and entertainment. Moreover, it is in connection with infrastructure and other vehicles and can detect road hazards ahead and suggest alternative routes.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Volvo and Siemens develop electric cars

Volvo and Siemens develop electric cars

The two brands have announced a joint venture to develop electric cars, which start the first tests later this year.

The focus of this partnership is the development of electric drive technology, power electronics and charging technology, as well as integration of these systems in the new Volvo C30 Electric.
The first vehicles will be on test trials by the end of this year. For the second half of 2012 is the scheduled start of testing under real conditions, with 200 cars.

The electrical drive chain, the efficiency of batteries and charging technology are considered the key technologies in the development and production of electric models.


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